May 10 2010

That’s Impossibe – Or Is It?

Take a look at this ‘impossible’ object. It is a real dollar bill. How can this be?


No! You’re looking at it. It is real.  Magician Robert E. Neal figured out how to braid a dollar bill with closed ends.

So What?

Magicians are masters at turning a seemingly impossible idea into something real.

What ideas do you have about your business that sit idle because others tell you it can’t be done?

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  • By Thu Nguyen, June 1, 2010 @ 10:46 am

    Impossible as you say is an illusion. I was just reading a chapter from Joe Vitale's Hypnotic writing course and he asked what's my impossible dream? Kind of contradictory but it made sense that how you turn around ideas can really help you do more and become successful in business as well as life. It all starts with mindset.

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